Soy wax flakes for candle making

Soy Wax For Candle Making

As the most popular type of vegetable wax in candle and wax melt making, it has little impact on our environment and finished candles can be marketed as a natural product making it the perfect wax to make your eco-friendly wax melts and candles.


Soy wax flakes for candle making

Soy wax is vegetable wax derived from the oil of soybeans and is primarily used in candles. After they are harvested, the beans are cleaned, cracked, dehulled, and rolled into flakes. It is from these flakes that the oil is extracted to then be hydrogenated.

 soy wax for candle making

Acid value(mgKOH/g)    :  0.9max
Peroxide number(mmol/kg):     3.9max
Moisture(%) :                             0.05max
Color(Lovibond,133.4mm cell):   3.0R max
Melting point(°C) :                             44 – 70
Appearance:  Fine white solid at room temperature; light yellow, limpid and transparent when melted by heating; no peculiar smell, no impurity
Ingredient:    100% hydrogenated vegetable oil without mineral wax
Shelf life:    12 months from when it is produced
Soy wax flakes for candle making


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