99% Sodium Saccharin

99% Sodium Saccharin,High Quality is used as plating brightener in electroplating industry



99% Sodium Saccharin, The sweetness is around 500 times sweeter than that of sugar.To be used as a single sweetener, Sodium Saccharin tastes a little bitter. Normally Sodium Saccharin is recommended to be used along with other Sweeteners or acidity regulators, which could cover the bitter taste well.

White crystals Sodium Saccharin

Items Specifications
Product name Sodium Saccharin
Appearance White crystals
Content 99.0-101.0%
Clarity and color Colorless, clear
Water 13-15%
Melting point 226-230°C
Arsenic 0.0002% max
Heavy metals 0.0010% max
Foreign substance 0.0010% max
Free acid and alkali Conforms



1. General used in beverage, beverages, jellies, preserved fruits, protein and sugar in food industry.

2. Sodium Saccharin Manufacturer is used in pig feed, sweet agent in feed industry.

3. Sodium Saccharin for sweetmeat is used in toothpaste, saliva, eye drops in daily Chemical industry.

4. Sodium Saccharine High Quality is used as plating brightener in electroplating industry


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