Daily price monitoring

We generate real-time statistics and graphs of history per product, group of products, and per competitor. Graphs include min / max / average price comparing to yours, inventories and even sales of competitors!

Follow Our Sales and Income!

we measure how long it takes to drop to lower stocks, such as 5 to 4. Our algorithms then calculate the number of Sales per week for each product and competitor.Our estimations are very accurate, and because we know the price of the products we also calculate the income of our competitors and provide a graphic history of everything.

Provision of stable supplies for fodders

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Beloved partners on the website of LUBA ANIMAL FEEDS LLC !Since the creation of Open Company “Luba Animal feeds” has passed 14 years. During the creation of the company, we went through a difficult path from a small trading company to a national producer of feed and feed additives. Now the assortment of products includes all kinds of full-fledged feeds, protein-vitamin supplements, milk substitutes and premixes of European quality. 
At present, the production capacity ofLuba Animal feeds Ltd. is 3000 tons of products per month, the construction of a new plant for the production of premixes and vitamin mixtures with a capacity of 1500 tons per month ends. 

We have succeeded in confirming the high quality of the products of “Luba Animal feeds” LLC with the certificates of quality and safety management system in accordance with DSTU ISO 9000: 2015 (ISO 9001: 2015, IDT) and DSTU ISO 22000: 2005 (ISO 22000: 2005, IDT).

The product quality guarantee is also a modern laboratory that we have created and equipped with modern, up-to-date equipment. 

The main task today is to set up raw material purchases for the production of feed directly from producers, which will help make our products even more affordable for the consumer. 

I also want to note the friendly team of Open Company “Luba Animal feeds”, both sales managers and workers in factories producing products, often lagging to the “last” ton, in order not to disrupt the delivery to our client. After all, we feed animals that will not be able to stay on weekends or holidays! 

I want to wish success! I would really like our company to grow and develop. Our Ukrainian product  is competitive and high quality in the whole world! 

That’s why in good time! And I wish all of us a crazy development!


Head of the society of Open Company “KreMiks”

Lubanov Nickolaev