100% Dried Mealworms

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Dried mealworms are the non-live equivalent of live mealworms. Mealworms are the larvae form of the darkling beetle, which many commonly refer to as the mealworm beetle. Insects and other invertebrates are an important food source for many species of wild bird.

Some people are put off live worms because of their wriggle; in this case, dried alternatives are a good option. Dried mealworms offer a similar amount of fat and protein as live mealworms, but without the wriggle. If you are choosing to feed dried mealworms to birds, it is important that you soak them in water before you put them out in your garden. This will provide birds with much-needed moisture, which is naturally present in live mealworms.

Insects are an excellent addition to your bird food selection. Live food is often left out of gardens, which means people can miss out on seeing several ground-feeding species of garden birds.

When choosing your wild bird food, it is important to have a diverse range of food sources available in your garden or feeding area. This will attract more species of wild bird into your garden. For best results, we recommend including dried mealworms in your garden alongside other types of bird food. These could include straight seeds like sunflower seeds or sunflower hearts, seed mixes, suet pellets and suet fat balls, and peanuts.



100% Dried Mealworms. Buy Dried mealworms for birds are an ideal alternative for people who do not like the wriggle of live mealworms. They provide a high protein and fat content that is very similar to live worms and can be easily stored and fed to a variety of wild birds. When you buy dried mealworms from Lubaanimalfeeds, you are supporting local Wildlife trust

100% Dried Mealworms

Available in 100g and 250g resealable pouches and 550g and 1kg bags.

4 reviews for 100% Dried Mealworms

  1. Norbert Krenn

    The fact that the price is in liters is easily overlooked, which was probably the intention of the seller. Other providers make the information in price per kilogram or 100 grams, i.e. comparable. Just under 3 euros / liter looks cheaper than around 10-15 euros per kilo. Did I fall for it once and feel ripped off? Of course you can figure out what the kg price is, but you don’t do what the seller is building on. The goods and packaging are perfect and, as far as I can tell, good quality.

  2. Marie Rowlings

    Great mealworms, the chickens are crazy about them. We sprinkle about a large cup in the straw every day to keep them busy and the chickens fight over who gets the most worms.
    The packaging was well secured. The bucket was filled to about 1-2cm under the lid. Mealworms are almost all intact, and the odor is tolerable.
    Clear buy recommendation.

  3. Beisemonni viktorin

    I’ve bought these mealworms several times and have never been disappointed. The small can is simply practical to close again, the worms also last for a while.
    I use them mainly for my hamsters and also for the birds and they just can’t get enough of them, they always eat them well. The worms don’t even stink, so all in one very recommendable.

  4. Didier douvre

    ordered on October 24th – on October 27th Delivered: 100% precise cut in a top quality without debris- I am 100% satisfied, I recommend it to everyone because everything is right here!

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