Feather Meal 80%

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Crude Protein Crude Fat


Ash Content
80%min 2%max 10%max




Our feather meal feed grade 80% max crude protein is only used as the feed additive,Materials as a brown or golden yellow powder for animal feed .Obtained by drying the poultry feather, often after cooking, and grinding areas such as Ukraine, India, China and the USA, where it is used as a partial substitute for soybean meal.

Additional Information:
Ash Content   18%max
 Item Feather Meal Protein 80% min
 Payment Mode Terms  L/C (Letter of Credit),D/P,T/T (Bank Transfer)
 Port of Dispatch  Odessa
 Production Capacity  500MT/Month
 Moisture Content  10%
 Packaging Details  As Per Buyer Requirement
 OEM  Accepted


Feather meal Animal byproduct obtained by hydrolysing, drying and grinding poultry feathers. Note: it is recommended to check the regulatory status of this product before using it for livestock feeding.

Parameter As fed On DM Unit Other Unit
DE growing pig (kcal) 3880 4220 kcal/kg
ME growing pig (kcal) 3510 3810 kcal/kg
NE growing pig (kcal) 2150 2340 kcal/kg
DE adult pig (kcal) 3880 4220 kcal/kg
ME adult pig (kcal) 3490 3800 kcal/kg
NE adult pig (kcal) 2130 2320 kcal/kg
DE growing pig (MJ) 16.2 17.7 MJ/kg
ME growing pig (MJ) 14.7 16 MJ/kg
NE growing pig (MJ) 9 9.8 MJ/kg
DE adult pig (MJ) 16.2 17.7 MJ/kg
ME adult pig (MJ) 14.6 15.9 MJ/kg
NE adult pig (MJ) 8.9 9.7 MJ/kg
Energy digestibility growing pig 75 %
Energy digestibility adult pig 75 %
OM digestibility growing pig 75.3 %
OM digestibility adult pig 75 %
N digestibility growing pig 72.1 %
N digestibility adult pig 72.1 %
N digestibility ileal standardised pig 77 %
Crude fat digestibility pig 69.9 %


Parameter As fed On DM Unit Other Unit
AMEn cockerel (kcal) 2730 2970 kcal/kg
AMEn broiler (kcal) 2730 2970 kcal/kg
AMEn cockerel (MJ) 11.4 12.4 MJ/kg
AMEn broiler (MJ) 11.4 12.4 MJ/kg

3 reviews for Feather Meal 80%

  1. Richard Christain

    Our one mare always suffers from light to strong droppings in the allergy-related haylage feeding. Have tried pretty much everything, nothing worked so far. Only when the grazing season starts again everything is in order. This year we tried this granola for the first time and it really is a miracle cure. After a few days / weeks the symptoms were gone. Then we had stopped the muesli for a short time and immediately we started again with the excrement water. But it disappeared just as quickly after we gave the muesli again for a few days. So really to be recommended, we are thrilled. We don’t even feed the recommended daily ration, but much less – it still helps (and saves some money).

  2. Ringo marco

    A lot of thanks for all of the efforts on Feather Meal 80% your product is the best

  3. M javed masood

    Father meel plz canfarm my phone nbr
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