Cassava, Starch 66 -70%

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Dried peels of cassava roots are fed to sheep and goats, and raw or boiled roots are mixed into a mash with protein concentrates such as maize, sorghum, groundnut or oil-palm kernel meals and mineral salts for livestock feeding. In many tropical regions, the leaves and stems of the cassava plant are considered a waste product. However, analytical tests have proved that the leaves have a protein content equivalent to that of alfalfa (about 17-20 percent).



Cassava, starch 66-70% Dried cassava roots (Manihot esculenta Crantz), containing 66-70% starch (as fed). Cassava roots are usually provided as chips, pellets or meal (ground chips). Values

Parameter As fed Unit SD Range Count
DE growing pig (kcal) 3140 kcal/kg 130 2980 -3270 9
ME growing pig (kcal) 3090 kcal/kg 1
NE growing pig (kcal) 2480 kcal/kg
DE adult pig (kcal) 3210 kcal/kg
ME adult pig (kcal) 3140 kcal/kg
NE adult pig (kcal) 2520 kcal/kg
DE growing pig (MJ) 13.2 MJ/kg 0.5 12.5 -13.7 9
ME growing pig (MJ) 12.9 MJ/kg 1
NE growing pig (MJ) 10.4 MJ/kg
DE adult pig (MJ) 13.4 MJ/kg
ME adult pig (MJ) 13.2 MJ/kg
NE adult pig (MJ) 10.5 MJ/kg
Energy digestibility growing pig
Energy digestibility adult pig
OM digestibility growing pig
OM digestibility adult pig
N digestibility growing pig
N digestibility adult pig
Crude fat digestibility pig
Digestible P pig (no phytase) 0.09 g/kg


Parameter As fed Unit SD Range Count
AMEn cockerel (kcal) 3060 kcal/kg
AMEn broiler (kcal) 3060 kcal/kg 230 2950 -3530 4
AMEn cockerel (MJ) 12.8 MJ/kg
AMEn broiler (MJ) 12.8 MJ/kg 1 12.3 -14.8 4
Available P cockerel 0.2 g/kg


Parameter As fed Unit SD Range Count
OM digestibility horse
Energy digestibility horse
Horse Forage Unit 1.01 per kg
Digestible crude protein horse 8 g/kg


Parameter As fed Unit SD Range Count
DE rabbit (kcal) 2920 kcal/kg
ME rabbit (kcal) 2890 kcal/kg
DE rabbit (MJ) 12.2 MJ/kg
ME rabbit (MJ) 12.1 MJ/kg
Energy digestibility rabbit
N digestibility rabbit

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